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Even in the Digital Age, Print Has a Role – and Companies Are Using it in More Ways Than You Think

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When we talk to clients, they are amazed at the caliber and quantity of our traditional graphic design projects. They have no idea that the realm of print design is alive – and actually thriving.

The news seems to show that the demise of printed material has passed the point of no return. Prominent magazines like Spin and Newsweek are moving to digital only versions. Other magazines and newspapers around the world have simply ceased operations. Mega publishers like Penguin and Random House are merging in an attempt to stay alive. In June the Association of American Publishers released a report that showed ebook revenue surpassed hardcover revenue for the first time ever: $282.3 million to $229.6 million.


Companies are Using Traditional Print Design and Marketing Communications in Astounding Ways

While some magazines are folding, other companies are investing in the creation of magazines dedicated to their brand. Meredith publishing produces Food & Family for Kraft and Grape for the supermarket chain Publix. Time Inc. publishes My Ford Magazine and All You for Walmart.

Is it working? Walmart has been so pleased that they are launching a second title dedicated specifically to beauty. Condé Nast is creating a magazine for Walmart called Beauty Scoop. The magazine will be available in stores and will also be mailed to 2.5 million Walmart customers. The quality will be outstanding with content created by the editors of Glamour, Lucky, Allure and Self.


What About Catalogs? Those are Dead, Right?

Catalog circulation is certainly down. According to the American Catalog Mailers Association 20 billion catalogs were in circulation in 2006, but that number has fallen to13 billion in 2012. While that is a 35% decrease in volume, that is still 13 billion catalogs. Those catalogs generate about $270 billion in retail sales annually. New catalog strategies are amazing as well. Restoration Hard has gone big. The most recent catalog weighed in at 5.5 pounds and held more than 992 pages. Other brands are combining editorial content and product content into new magalogs. New versions of catalogs from Sears, Spiegel and J.C. Penney Wish Books are meant to be kept for a long period.

A study by FGI Research for the ACMA discovered that two out of three consumers who receive a catalog look through it. While more customers are moving online (60 percent) to place orders, 58 percent said they look at catalogs as soon as they are received, and 92 percent indicated they have made a purchase from them.


Traditional Sales Collateral, Point of Sale and Brochures Are Getting Support from Some Unlikely Brands

Many traditional e-commerce pure plays are recognizing the value of the retail store experience and are opening physical stores. That’s right – websites are opening stores. Ebay and Etsy are testing temporary stores and Piperlime, Gap’s online only brand opened its first store. Warby Parker a leading online only eyeglass brand is also opening a store.


Print Design from Boom Creative Gives You Some Proven Advantages

Credibility – All of our print projects are done by true design professionals. Every aspect of your print project is treated with the respect it deserves. Your brochures, catalogs and collateral will stand out, and stand up to the most discerning critics.

Permanence – Unlike digital experiences which are fleeting, print solutions from Boom Creative are kept and referred to often by your customers.

Differentiation – Cheap templates from the web look just like that – cheap templates from the web. All of our print solutions are designed specifically for our clients. You won’t find retread work with a tainted, off-shore look.

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