It’s a new era in education. Schools systems and organizations are faced with presenting their story with a higher level of professionalism and transparency than ever before.

Graphic design, web development, and marketing communications for educational systems and organizations.

Identity &

Give your school or organization a signature look. Boom creates dynamic, memorable identities for organizations including logos, crests, signage and more.

Mascot Design
and Refresh

Whether you have a school mascot that’s a hundred years old, or you need a mascot for a new or combined school, we create mascot designs that look great on your building, apparel and more!

View Books
& Brochures

You need to make a “Wow!” first impression. Make one with Boom!  We create view books, brochures, and flyers that truly highlight why your school or organization is unique.

Spirit Signs
and Banners

Recognize all of the organizations within your school! We can design and produce spirit banners and signage for sports, student government, and every type of club and group.


Need a design for a monthly newsletter, bi-monthly magazine or annual publication? We create stylish, easy to read pieces for your specific objectives.


Need to explain your organization to civic leaders, parents, political supporters, the press or other audiences? We can help you create the materials to advance your story and position your organization.


Nothing is more important than attracting and recruiting a wonderful, inspired staff. We can create marketing materials that help communicate your value proposition.

Open Houses
& Fundraising Events

Pre-event promotion, handouts, giveaways, post-event follow up – we handle it all. We make it consistent and compelling. When you have an event, give it some BOOM!


Whether you have an internal development team and just need design and content assistance, or if you need a complete outsourced solution, we have you covered.


Need to outfit your staff? Want to reward your best teachers? Need a recognition gift that inspires? We are a one stop shop for custom apparel and gifts.

Frequently asked questions

My organization is not a school system, but we are in the education space – can you help?

We get an A+ for that! We’ve helped international college fraternities with member publications, created marketing materials for technical schools, and helped sports academies with marketing communications and web development.

We want to be able to print and update some items internally – can we?

Absolutely!  We can create several signature pieces, develop logos and mascots, create simple brand standards, and develop templates to empower your entire school system. We can help you look great on the first day and for years to come.

Our staff, board members and other people want to have input – how do we manage that?

This is a common question.  Whenever we start a project we discuss all milestones and deadlines.  By giving you a complete timeline, you can better manage input and help keep the project on track.

All my materials need updated – where do I start?

We get this question all the time…and we know you may only have the budget to do a certain number of your materials at once. We help you prioritize your projects and find production efficiencies to allow you to update your materials as fast and as economically as possible.